TONAWANDA, NY- It's no secret that kids as well as adults learn more when they're having fun. That's why local educator Tracy Gibas created Movin' and Groovin' Parties, a new business built around music, games and other entertaining activities that fulfill educational requirements established by New York State Learning Standards. As an elementary school teacher and new Mom, Gibas sees parties that help kids grow as well as have a great time as a parent's dream come true.

After years of seeing how much fun and success children have with songs in the classroom, Gibas says, "I realized that it would be an exciting way to entertain them while also teaching them outside the classroom. Considering how few children's entertainment options appropriate for ages two through six are out there other than clowns, magicians and bounce houses," she adds, "having a fresh, unique alternative like Movin' and Groovin' opens up all kinds of new party possibilities that are as exciting for grown-ups as they are for kids."

According to Gibas, because children perceive the New York State Learning Standards-compliant activities associated with Movin' and Groovin' parties as entertainment rather than education, "They don't even realize they're learning. All they know is that they're having a wonderful time!" The parties' songs and games, she explains, apply specific standards to strengthen a variety of specific skill sets. These include Social Studies Standard 5, which enhances children's ability to interact positively with others; Language Arts Standards 1 and 4, which improve their ability to listen for understanding and communicate verbally; Math Standards 1 and 3, which build their counting skills and their recognition of numbers and patterns. Arts Standard 1, which expands their understanding of art and music; and Physical Education Standard 1, which hones children's fine motor and manipulative skills.

The base Movin' and Groovin' party package includes organized activities for up to 12 children, with full use of a variety of musical instruments, custom invitations and a musical souvenir for all invited guests, plus a personalized Movin' and Groovin' shirt for the birthday child. An exciting menu of additional package options and fun extras - ranging from flutes, bubbles and maracas to inflatable ukuleles, monkeys and tropical fish to custom-imprinted birthday t-shirts and group photo thank you cards - are also available.

Applying an enlightened philosophy shared by experienced educators, Gibas takes great pride in the fact that by actively engaging children in music and activities that provide not just a diversion but an experience with educational direction, Movin' and Groovin' parties "turn rambunctiousness into positive energy and, in the process, give all the children attending the party a precious gift they get to keep forever. Personal growth."

In addition to children's parties, Movin'and Groovin' provides activities for preschools, day care centers, family picnics, reunions, block parties and corporate events.



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